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10 Mistakes To Avoid During Makeup!


In makeup, nobody is immune to missteps. Here are ten tips from pro to repair the errors of the most common make-up without start all over again!

Makeup is not always easy, and there are many pitfalls to avoid. Our beauty experts Closer , helped the Make up Artist Shu Uemura Ludovic Engrand, give you all the solutions to repair the 10 makeup of errorsthe most common.  

1. Excess foundation

The problem : You had a little heavy hand when applying your foundation.

The tricks of the pro: Using a large powder brush, make circular movements on the whole face. The foundation surplus will stick to the bristles, and your complexion will take a nice velvety appearance. If you are more pro, use a sponge (clean and dry), from the outside to the inside of the face. It will absorb the material and avoid the excess binds to the contour.

SOS Products:

1. Powder Brush Colorful, Nocibé, € 12.95 – 2. Sponge Complexion Perfection, Sephora, € 8.95

2. The wrong color of concealer

The problem : You used a concealer too clear.

The tricks of the pro:  For “erase” the concealer, choose the same color foundation that your skin and apply a peel your eyes. Then drop over a concealer cloud to re-clarify this area subtly. To choose the right note, take it a tone barely lighter than your skin tone.

SOS products: 1. Eclat Concealer Effect Natural, Born This Way, Too Faced, € 26 (6 shades) – 2. Background Complexion Liquid Long Lasting, All Nighter, 30 ml, Urban Decay, € 36.95 (24 colors)

3. A big flush of blush

The problem :  You have too forced on the blush and you display good cheeks Russian doll!

The tricks of the pro: Blend blush performing 2-3 round trips on your cheeks using a flat brush impregnated your powder compact (the same color as your skin). This overlap will soften and lighten. If it is a cream blush, add a touch of foundation to lighten the color.

The SOS product: Compact Powder Matifiante, 12 g, Essence € 3.79

4. The overflow of eye

The problem : You’ve dropped your palette of eyeshadows .

The tricks of the pro:  If fat is easy: rework it to the finger to remove excess. If it is dry, use a brush to blend the blush. Do not especially a circular motion, but blend in like a windshield wiper, from left to right on the entire eyelid. Otherwise, opt for stumps foam will absorb the excess material.

The SOS product:  Blending Brush No. 217, MAC, € 24

5. The mascara abuse

The problem :  You put too much mascara and your lashes are literally glued.

The tricks of the pro:  Start by separating your eyelashes with a brush to remove excess material. If necessary, use a makeup remover or soak your mascara brush (or cotton swab) in your makeup remover to remove the surplus flawless!


SOS products: 1. Brush Applicator Brush, Eyelash and eyebrow, Kiko, € 5.90 – 2. Makeup Remover Mascara Makeup Waterproof, Melt Off, Too Faced, 15 € (Sephora)

6. The smoky panda way

The problem :  You have tested the smoky eyes and eye pigments have slipped under your eye.

The tricks of the pro:  Use a fan brush, brush the excess shadow that fell. To avoid this in the future, before applying make-up, drop a cloud of loose powder under your eyes. Makeup them and, once completed your make-up, remove the excess powder with a slightly frayed cotton pad. Neither seen nor known !

SOS products:  1. Fan Powder Brush, No. # 120, Make Up For Ever, € 28 – 2. Loose Powder, skin-friendly Sterilized Translucent 25g, T. Leclerc, € 40.30

7. missed eyeliner

The problem :  You missed the point of your line of eyeliner and you do not want to start over.

The tricks of the pro:  Use a very fine cotton swab. Dip it in a little makeup remover for the eyes, remove what is missed, pat dry and repeat!

SOS products:  1. Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, 125ml, Nivea, € 3 – 2. Box 200 Cotton-Rod Ends, Thin Cotton Buds, Muji, € 3.75 (at Muji or muji.fr)

8. too dark eyebrows

The problem :  You have your eyebrows redesigned and now they are too marked.

The tricks of the pro: Start by removing excess material with an eyebrow brush. After a few passages, Draw your mascara transparent eyebrows to standardize all this also will reduce your eyebrows too colorful.

SOS products:  1. Comb Eyebrow Studio Harcourt, € 14.90 (on thebeautylounge.com) – 2. Clear Gel for Eyebrow, Clear Brow Gel Anastasia Beverly Hills, € 28 (at Sephora)

9. The red overflowing

The problem : You have skidded and your lipstick overflows.

The tricks of the pro:  Remove the overhang with a dry cotton swab. Then go a concealer for your skin tone on the contour of your lips to soften the line and redraw nicely. You can also use an eraser pen that will remove the small burrs in a single gesture.

SOS products: 1. Concealer, Cover Pencil, 9yr Light / Medium 5YR, 3.4 g, Shu Uemura, € 32 – 2. Eraser makeup, 5 ml, Marionnaud, € 9.90

10. The lipstick or gloss that file

The problem :  Your lipstick or gloss migrated into the fine lines around the mouth.

The tricks of the pro: Dab your lips and its contour with a Kleenex, until the tissue is impeccable. Then sprinkle it lightly before recolor. The ideal is to prevent it by applying leading upstream colorless based on the contour of your lips. This database will create a barrier that will prevent the migration of makeup in fine lines.

SOS products: 1. Multifunction pencil Base, Ultimate Ozone, 2.8 g, Urban Decay, 15 € (at Sephora or sephora.fr) – 2. fixing base Lip Contour, 0.35 g, The Body Shop, € 10

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