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6 most Effective Activities for Burning Calories When You’re Too Lazy


6 most Effective Activities for Burning Calories When You’re Too Lazy!

The Cycling

Not the bike with his nephew, by walking on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Neither the bike path cushy job, with 10 red lights.
It speaks to you of intense activity: the cycling. In the dining room a good pace. You sweat thoroughly, you do climb cardio. Your thighs and your butt will hate you. But you come away happy, it only lasted half an hour and you have the feeling of accomplishment!

Energy balance: they burn about 450 calories if you weigh 60 kg and that gives back (even more than during a course of RPM, say it!).

Jumping Rope

No, do not laugh, it’s very trendy.
Objective is fixed intervals, with little respite to sustain a good pace, and presto, it bounces, faster, slower, but it bounces, we advance, we stay there, we never missed a beat! And that, for half an hour.
Well-toned calves, buttocks looming and a cardio on top.

Energy balance: about 350 calories burned for an average weight of 60 kg.
The top, practicing with a coach or underway.


Again, not talking about the boat ride plan. But of the fitness device, which will use it properly.
Ideally we need to support a certain rhythm, and rowing vigorously.

Energy balance: it burns 360 calories for a weight of 65 g.

And to position you find the exercises to do on your rowing machine.


Climbing stairs

It may sound absurd, but if you expect high stairs in your area, put on your sneakers and go! This does not cost you, and you will tell us the news.
Buttocks, thighs and even arms work if you exaggerate the gesture.
And vary your pleasures with small exercises: up, raising knees to the max, climbing feet marches two by two, get profile and always raise the same 30x leg. Then change …
Your legs are going to hate you!

Energy balance: 440 calories in 30 minutes for women 60 kg. The game is worth the candle !

Roller skating (or ice skating)

Just like cycling, he is not here to make rounds on a frozen lake or a nice ride roller skating, but to move quickly to support a rapid pace for half an hour.
The best is to stay on a track or a road without stopping to move, grow well on the legs with the outrigger arms.
firm buttocks, muscular back, tonic legs, that’s good!

Energy balance: 400 calories. But it did say quickly without stopping!

What to still know

The running , rowing, cross country skiing and swimming stand still on top of the basket (more than fitness activities) in terms of calorie expenditure.
Especially in less intensely practicing activity but longer, yet they roast calories after stopping …

And if you take a liking to see take shape your muscles, you can also do strengthening exercises, a little every day with you:

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