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7 tips to remove body fluids immediately


To remove liquid, we can enjoy the properties of certain diuretic infusions that will help us more urine and to cleanse accumulated toxins that make us

You’re one of those people who often feel bloated?

This may be the result of the heat of a particular food or hormonal cycles, but it is in any case an uncomfortable condition that you would like to stop quickly.

That is why we offer you some tips for removing liquids naturally, without side effects.

Find out how you can achieve with such simple remedies as teas, smoothies or even brushing technique.

Remove liquid within hours

There are foods that promote water retention and others, on the contrary, help us to eliminate liquid when we feel more bloated than usual.

The first step to remove is to banish all those who are not suitable.

First, reduce salt and all foods that contain more or less concealed.

  • Cheese, pickle
  • Sausages and smoked foods
  • The canned goods
  • The chips, oil, dried fruit salt and other appetizers
  • The pizzas and other ready meals
  • The sauces

1. Sodium Less, more potassium

Table salt, which is actually sodium chloride, should be banished from our tables, exactly.

We can consume moderate amounts of sea salt or sea water, which contains many other minerals, such as potassium, and help us to maintain balance in the body.

Once you feel bloated, it must completely avoid salt and eat foods rich in potassium such as:

  • The lawyer
  • Nuts (pistachios, hazelnuts and almonds without salt).
  • Dry vegetables
  • quinoa
  • Spinach
  • The coconut
  • The banana

2. To begin … drink water

This seems like a contradiction but yet, drink water helps to eliminate liquids. On one condition only: we must drink it on an empty stomach.



If you drink water during meals or immediately after, it will cause the opposite effect and you will swell even more.

Start the day by drinking two glasses of water a moment before breakfast and take two or more drinks in the morning and two drinks in the afternoon.

Note the diuretic effects in no time.

3. Prepare a smoothie with pear and dandelion

If you like smoothies, offer you two ingredients with very diuretic properties: the pear and dandelion.

Both will help you eliminate liquid while giving you minerals, and take care of your liver. 

The dandelion can be picked directly in the fields, if you can. If not, buy it in a store dry.


  • 1 tablespoon of dandelion (10 g)
  • 1 glass of water (200 ml)
  • 1 pear


  • Heat the glass of water and when it boils, add the tablespoon of dandelion. Leave it to the decoction for 10 minutes.
  • After the elapsed time, filter and book.
  • Peel the pears, remove the seeds and cut it to facilitate mixing.
  • In the glass blender, put the infusion of dandelion and pear. Mix until a homogenous mixture.

4. Enjoy a watermelon juice


Watermelon is a great fruit to remove the liquid, thanks to its high water content, which brings few calories and we deeply moisturizes.

It is also a food rich in potassium and antioxidants. It can mix with seeds and drink throughout the morning.

5. celery broth and onion

For colder days, we can make broths and soups, which are not only diuretic, but also cleanse the body of toxins.

For a broth helps to fight against water retention, we must add the celery and onions, which are two of the most diuretic vegetables that exist.

In addition, they are delicious and you can eat between meals, as input.

6. The infusion of horsetail and green tea

Here is a simple option: the infusions, which can consume as much cold or hot. They allow us to drink water when we were not in the habit.

Horsetail will remove liquids while providing us with minerals such as silicon, a way to increase the amount of urine without demineralise us.

green tea is a staple drink for it is a diuretic but also antioxidant.

You can mix different or alternate, and we recommend that you drink throughout the morning.


7. Drybrushing

The technique of dry brush, which requires a natural bristle brush, is a manual method for lymphatic drainage and favors the elimination of almost immediate way liquids.

You can do this for 10 to 20 minutes and you’ll notice that you’ll never want to urinate if you are bloated.

It will also improve your blood circulation and give you softer skin.

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