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Men Beauty Tips and FAQs


Without being an Apollo, what more natural than to treat, maintain its skin and look.


The daily shaving of the face is an aggression to the skin; by shaving the hair, it also removes the superficial cells of the skin, causing irritation and dehydration thereof.

To avoid these disadvantages and risks of microbial infections associated with skin sensitized phenomenon, the skin should be prepared for shaving ( mechanical or electric) with a moisturizing gel or fabric softener. Choose also softening foams that wet and lubricate the face, choose those that are emollient and moisturizing.


A care necessary for healthy skin. Its goal is to rehydrate the skin, stimulating cell regeneration.Choose an after-shave rich in moisturizing, toning and remineralizing in assets.


Morning and evening, clean and detoxify your skin with a gel cleanser and moisturizer to be applied in circular motion on wet skin. Once a week, make a scrub to remove impurities and cleanse the skin by removing excess oil, whose production is 10 times greater in men than in women. Given this specificity, care brands developed mattifying creams that reduce the gloss effect, but many care purifying and balancing.

Specific care: Delaying the first wrinkles

Even if they arrive later in humans, once installed, wrinkles are twice as pronounced as those of their partners. The solution: acute care that repair and protect the skin from external aggression, attacking front expression lines

Prefer wrinkle formulas the revitalizing and restorative assets whose “second skin” textures provide velvety skin. Dwelling on the look that attracts attention of 47% of women with specific treatments for the eye contour, concealer, anti-pocket.

Seduce and heal

Men’s care is offered in textures so imperceptible shades so natural that the skin is neat, sublimated without anyone could suspect.


Perfume men

Eau de toilette, eau de parfum, choose your fragrance according to your activities and adapt to the different moments of your life rather fresh, tonic for the work; wooded and green for recreation; amber and musk for evenings …
revisit our classic with the four main olfactory families of men’s fragrances.


  • Fern: the manly character surefooted mainly composed of sage, rosemary, thyme, lavender and citrus notes, this is a very strange family with a plant name – bracken – devoid of any specific odor.
  • Wooded: male Accords both hot, dry and elegant. It recognizes the notes of cedar, sandalwood, pine that form the architecture of perfumes, which are often combined patchouli and vetiver.
  • Citrus: Freshness, lightness and gaiety characterize this consists mainly of citrus family such as bergamot, lemon, orange, tangerine …
    The fragrances of this family are particularly popular in the summer.
  • Oriental: All the richness and sophistication of precious materials such as amber, resin, tobacco, sensual woods are expressed in oriental fragrances.

Can I use products for women?

Although women’s products will do good for your skin, but the man’s skin is thicker, more acidic and more prone to imperfections due to sebaceous secretions twice as large. Moreover, it suffers the daily shaving aggression.

How to soothe razor burn?

Upon finished shaving, apply a moisturizing balm on the face. Rapidly absorbed, it protects the epidermis assault from pollution and moderates hair growth. You can also apply it at night, when the skin is dehydrated. And to prevent the appearance of irritation caused by shaving, Shaving Oil applied before shaving softens the hair of the toughest beards and facilitates sliding the blade.

I have tight skin, what should I do?

You have the tight skin: it loses its flexibility, its brightness; your skin is rough or harsh, you experience feelings of tightness, burning, discomfort … Dehydration affects all skin types, even the fattest. Water is the most important and most fragile component of the skin. So when she is dehydrated, the skin becomes more fragile, she pulls, and above all it no longer fulfills its protective role. Whose fault is it ? Cold, ultraviolet rays, pollution, but also to skin aging …

Do not panic! Know first that daily application of a moisturizer for men suitable for your skin type is essential to prevent dehydration because it protects and soothe irritation or redness associated with skin dryness. Instant Comfort

For sensitive skin, prefer shaving foams and body and facial cleansers suited to your skin type.Finally, if the cause of drying is the natural aging of the skin, opt for wrinkle products more nutritious and therefore better suited.

I hard beard!

Tired shaved your beard morning begins to grow back from lunch? You say that you decidedly, it is not easy to stay sharp all day when it was hard beard? Not that we know to do it …

To stay perfectly shaved longer, first prepare your skin for a closer shave with a shave care. The goal: soften the hair. In addition, think of the scrub once or twice a week to remove dead cells, straighten the hair and prevent ingrown hairs.

Otherwise, avoid shaving out of bed: the hair is hard to wake so leave them time soften and soften. For ultra-close shave, use a shaving gel or shaving foam, to facilitate the recovery of the hair and improve the glide of the blade.

Remember to use a soothing aftershave for hard beards, to soften and refine the long hair, to clear skin longer.

My wrinkles speak too

More than one in two women believe that male wrinkles are attractive forces you not to love yours, nor do anything to erase. And if it is still impossible to stop aging, but we can reduce the signs with the help of a healthy lifestyle and appropriate care.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not to age that are due the majority of skin damage, but environmental factors: sun, stress, smoking, pollution attack our skin and cause oxidation.

Result: the skin is less bright, the skin depigments and gradually loses its elasticity and firmness. The good news ? Is that you have allies in the fight against wrinkles.

First of all, a moisturizer will help your facial skin regain and maintain its firmness and promote the reduction of fine lines. More specifically speaking, anti-aging will tighten your skin, and will boost its production of collagen. Finally for, use suitable sun protection.

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