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How to mix two shades of hair dyes


Customizing dyeing hair to create a signature color for your hair is not a difficult task, when you use the same brand of over-the-counter dyes. This gives you the option of makeup shades that are not normally commercially available, which gives you an advantage to have your own signature look. Knowing mix two shades of over-the-counter hair dye only requires a little extra work on mixing and apply to your hair.


Open each box of hair color on the counter and delete the contents of the box. The standard content of each box are the dye, the developer, gloves and sometimes a conditioner packet.


Separate sections of the two boxes and group them. For example, to dye the two bottles together and both developer bottles together. Most over-the-counter brands contain enough color and developer to make a 113gr. the application of dye to the hair. However, some boxes are larger than that, then you may need to use an applicator 340 to 567gr, according to your needs.

Pour the two developer containers in the bottle of the applicator. Pour the dye two bottles in the bottle with the developer. Attach the cap and stir continuously for two full minutes. This disperse dye with the developer, making it ready to use on your hair.

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