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It is possible to dye their hair with natural extracts!


Read full article to find out what are the best natural dyes, that is to say those that do not contain aggressive or hazardous ingredients, either for your health or the environment
When dyes her hair, it’s an opportunity to change their appearance, to adopt a more modern style, to hide his hair white , etc. But it also forces us to go to the hairdresser or the do it yourself, and generally using too strong products and often bad for the hair fibers.

But did you know that it is possible to dye the hair with some natural extracts? And we’re not talking dyes found in herbal stores, but dyes that can be prepared at home with plants , which also nourish and will do the most good for your hair ! Throughout this article, we explain so what are these plants and how to prepare these dyes!

This is totally natural products that probably will not give you the same results as artificial products and therefore have an effect unless extended or will not change radically the color. However, they will give your hair a beautiful natural color and you can use them regularly as they do not damage the hair and can even be used during pregnancy.

A dye red hair

This dye is possibly one of the best known natural products: henna. The henna dyed hair perfectly, and the roots too, and makes hair thick and vigorous; it is one of the natural dyes that takes the longest time, specifically to three months.

Mix the henna powder, available in herbal stores or in stores of natural products, with a little juice lemon and oil or conditioner so it does not dry too much your hair .

Take care to put on plastic gloves to protect your hands because the henna can stain your skin.

A dye blonde hair

Chamomile is known to have the property of bleaching of hair, and several cosmetic brands already have a range of shampoos chamomile. To this end, prepare an infusion of chamomile and calendula add him, and incidentally, you can also add a little saffron. Apply this brew at least half an hour on your hair, then rinse.


A dye brown hair

Walnut leaves give hair a brown tone and, moreover, make them shiny and give them strength. To prepare the decoction, boil the leaves, and once the water has warmed, apply it on your hair and leave for 15 minutes. In the past, this dye prepared by boiling the leaves drown in beer, which is also very good for the hair and adds shine; it contains alcohol evaporates during boiling.

Another option is to boil sage and rosemary in a good amount of water for six hours. Sage has also the property to cover the first white hair, and rosemary is invigorating plant that uses always to avoid hair loss . Once the infusion has warmed, add it a spoonful of apple vinegar and apply it on your hair; let sit for half an hour, then rinse.

To dye black hair

In this case, prepare an infusion of black tea, this product is also used to recover the natural color of hair that highlights. Take care of preparing a concentrated infusion well and let it stand for half an hour. Then, apply it and leave twenty minutes.

More Details

It is advisable not to use container or utensil to prepare aluminum natural dyes.
When applying these dyes on your hair , then cover it with a transparent film for best results.
You will have to repeat the same operation after a few days, and so on until you get the color you want.
The only drawback of these dyes compared with those artificial is that they do not make too shiny hair; but the solution is to always apply a moisturizing mask and apple vinegar mixed with the water (in equal parts) as conditioner. the more the hair is dry, it will add more vinegar. Leave on two minutes and rinse with warm or cold water.
We recommend you always use natural and organic shampoos to avoid damaging your hair and the color can keep more. These shampoos are a bit more expensive and do not foam as much, but over time your hair will look better and you will not have to wash them as often as they stay clean longer!

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