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6 Beauty Ritual Relaxation Of The Season

Advertisement It’s back, it relaxes and decompresses. In all the action, so that everything runs at great speed, so that everywhere we offers tips to always go faster, we take the swirl control that...


How To Apply A Winged Eyeliner

There is something about the simple winged eye liner look that appears flattering on everyone. The extra flick of liner has been done by women since the ’50s and to this day, it still...


Pomegranate Face Mask For Brighter Skin | Skin Care

Women are always particular about their looks. They are always to get facial and massages regularly for brighter, soft and glowy skin. To create an at-home face mask, you’ll need cherries and  pomegranate seeds....


Tips: How To Apply A Gloss Mascara

How to apply: Step 1 : The Mascara placed near the roots ( and not the tips) gives you the illusion of  length. So make sure you wiggle the wand left to right at the...