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Weight loss: The Top 10 Mistakes Not To Commit



1: Want to lose weight when you are not overweight

Do not manipulate the perfect image of the perfect girl who must enter a size 32. If your weight is stable without depriving yourself and your body displays a harmony, it is useless to fight and starve to lose a few extra kilos. The solution to overcome these little kilos “Move more to your muscles,”

2: Making express plans

To lose weight quickly and resume as fast, nothing like that express diets without stabilization. “The express diets are often unbalanced and too restrictive. You lose weight quickly, but you pick up as much or more in the following weeks. To avoid. It reduced its consumption avoids snacking and one begins to sport.


3: Make a perpetual diet


After a food re-balancing, your weight has stabilized. so no need to put it to perpetual diet and starve yourself. The risk ? By disrupting metabolism, you will lose all the efforts made by your first diet and stabilization phase.

4: Make an ultra restrictive regime

No sugar, no salt, no fat, no carbohydrates … The restrictive diets do lose weight but mainly promotes rapid recovery of lost weight. Too frustrating these plans grow to binge. “Go for food re-balancing close to your habits. A varied diet including all the foods you like, in reasonable doses.

5: Want to lose weight as fast as your friends


Do not copy the system of your neighbor or that of your girlfriend and especially not that of your man. Although it is quite motivating and practice starting a diet a couple, we do not forget that the male sex has a different metabolism, higher than that of women. Men naturally eliminate more calories to operate their bodies. Moreover, they consist only of 10 to 15% of fat mass while women bear 25%. They therefore lose weight a lot faster!Motivation may start to shrink if you realize that your efforts are not also pay than your Jules. We must set a reasonable target that matches its morphology and his body and a rational goal, which is linked to motivation and temperament and does not compare.


6: Modify your diet


To lose weight and stabilize her, do not follow a diet that alters your eating habits too. Personal habits come back quickly. The results over the long term can only be achieved by putting flat your eating habits and changing as little as possible. This does not prevent trying to take new reflexes.

7: Eat differently than your spouse and your family


A healthy and balanced diet suitable for the whole family even if it is not the plan. To lose weight, do not focus on ultra-lights dishes and live in frustration.

You have to eat less and learn to compensate for differences caused by invitation. A table with your family, do not eat bread, do not you back for seconds and settle for a yogurt and a fruit dessert.

8: Drinking lots of water


Drinking water has never been slim. It is not recommended to drink more than reason. Especially if you have water retention problems, you will tend to swell.

“To drink like other foods, the secret is the right dose. Water requirements is between 1 liter and 1.5 liters per day,

9: Make a fasting diet


Fasting can help detoxify the body but never did lose weight. “A 24 hours of fasting may be seen as a step to start a dietary change, but not as a starter slimming

10: Alternate strict diet and overeating

Be restricted, crack and regain control generates a stress on the body. The more you starve your body, plus it stores in anticipation of an upcoming restriction. And you may eventually gain weight.

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